Twenty Four 50 lbs Duffels

Donations of direct materials are also welcome and needed. For example:

  • Clothing: Ages 3 to 12 but up to size 16. THINK HOT!!!…SUMMER
  • Essentials: Underwear, Undershirts, Play, school, and church socks, Flip-flops, sandals, sneakers, dress shoes
  • The boys look handsome in their button down shirts, ties, polo shirts, nice pants/shorts and belts.
  • The girls love frilly dresses, skirts and blouses, white or lacey socks, fishnet stockings, ribbons and bows for their hair!


  • No More Tears shampoo
  • Ivory soap bars, soap containers
  • Gel: Bergamot Hair and Scalp conditioner
  • Wash clothes


  • 34 school backpacks


  • Mosquito netting for children and staff

To assist with a sewing project for local villagers and also to provide work, we hope to sew cushions for the school benches. For this we need: Thread, needles, ties, 2 inch padding, material of bright colors. The school colors are green and white.

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