Geta is the sweetheart of the bunch and she’ll talk your ear off if you let her. She enjoys playing with baby dolls and watching Beethoven. Geta prefers to be a spectator when it comes down to sports, but is the center of attention in the performing arts. She is not a morning person…it takes great effort to get her out of bed.

Sanda speaks English so well you’d think she was American. Though she is the most shy, she holds her ground among the other seven girls. She consistently makes the other girls jealous of her natural flexibility—she is the only one who can do the splits! She also is quite the singer.

Gabriela has a great love for all animals. Such a passion has prompted her to get good grades so that she may be a veterinarian when she grows up. She is also quite the actress (both in plays and real life) and loves to entertain and make everyone laugh.

Delia is the sports superstar. There isn’t a sport she won’t play. Besides her athletic talent, she also performs very well in school. She really likes to help out in the kitchen (as well as eat!). The Sound of Music is one of her favorite movies, and Beethoven is a close second.

Natalia is the silly goose of the group. There really is never a dull moment when she is around. She really loves drawing and writing—her teachers consistently praise her penmanship. Playing dress up is one of her favorite things as well as styling hair. She definitely is our girly-girl.

Pamela is our tomboy, but don’t let her tough demeanor fool you. She has the kindest, most considerate heart. She loves playing sports with the boys and her fascination with Spiderman has yet to cease.

Diana is a sponge—she is a million other places in her mind, but retains all that she learns. Like most of the Casa Josef girls, she loves playing soccer and roller-skating. Recently, however, her attention has been on music. She is the tidiest of the crew and loves gardening.
Dora is our straight-A student—she does very well in school. She really has progressed as the star roller-bladder of the group, which is ironic because she had close to zero coordination at the beginning. She has a great love for gardening like her sister and always wants the chore of watering plants.

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