Donations For Casa Iosef Orphanage in Beius, Romania will go towards:

Please remember that these * 8 young girls * have been in our care since they were infants, toddlers and now middle schoolers… we are committed to the continuation of there care…

  • Paying the salaries of: Director/Accountant, 4 caregivers, 1 social worker, 1 cook and 1 maintenance worker.
  • Keeping the orphanage licensed by keeping a doctor and nurse on staff.
  • Paying the salary of a full time educational aid for our special needs child to remain in the local public school.
  • Paying for food and clothing.
  • Paying for school tuition and mandatory uniforms.
  • Paying for school supplies.
  • cost of medical care
We are accepting monetary and physical donations  all year round!

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