The Haiti Orphanage is well on it’s way……..Thank you for their new home,

Wow!…………….we did it!

The orphanage is well on it’s way……..

The children have returned to their second year in school together, dressed in their uniforms the walk just steps from their new home to school. They now live in the small Village of Tipalmiste.  From our youngest to oldest they have seen their health  and energy improve. They have meals, clean water for drinking and washing, their very own beds, time to learn, play and be kid’s agan knowing they are being cared for.

The staff are loving, committed and work long hours. With and improved water collection  system live and a newly installed hand pump, basic tasks are less difficult. The outside gravity fed shower makes soaping up more fun than bucket bathing! All the buildings are complete with solar lights which works awesome. The only time a generator is needed now is to fill the water storage barrels. Much easier than a bucket at a time drawn from deep in the well.

Slide walks from each little building help greatly, finished floors verses cement have improve the crazy amount of dust. There are gardens now in the back to help support feeding the children and we even have a chicken coop filled and providing eggs and poultry. Becoming self sufficient to decrease cost was as early goal, now achieved.

Most importantly, the critical paperwork has been provided both in English and translated into French to begin licensing the orphanage and then providing the opportunity for adoption for some of the children.

Sea of Dreams is so honored to have been a part of this effort to provide a home for a child who was without anything but the clothing they wore the day of arrival. Some walked on their own, others were brought by family, caretaker, friend, neighbor but now they are safe and cared for.

If you would care to continue supporting  this orphanage of 32  children please send your support directly to: Vision International Missions: 400 Bedford Street, Manchester, NH .

Casa Joseph Girls

Sea of Dreams will be continuing it’s efforts in Romania. We have need for specific social and emotional intervention for our  eight “pre-adolescent girls!,”of Casa Iosef Orphanage, which reguires additional fundraising.  In addition, critical requests have been asked in caring for two Gypsy villages, whom live in dire poverty.  It has been 13 years, and now our eight girls who were once infants are old enough to do service with us. The girls at Casa Joseph are now joining us as we provide outreach to needy families, the elderly and Roma villages like these…Plight of hundreds of Romanian gypsies imprisoned for months in a ghetto so grim the town mayor sealed it off behind a wall…





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