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All children deserve to have their basic needs met. The ongoing mission of Sea of Dreams is to provide food, shelter and clothing for abandoned and orphaned children.

Our mission is currently realized in two separate orphanages thousands of miles away from each other: one in the small town of Beius, Romania and the other on the island of La Gonave, Haiti.

Adding New Chalk Boards In a School in Haiti



We’ve supported the Casa Josef Orphanage in Romania since 2000. Since then, we’ve positively affected the lives of over 80 children—many of whom now have loving families! Unfortunately in 2005 Romania closed their international adoptions. Casa Josef suddenly found themselves responsible for 34 toddlers with virtually no hope for adoption. Sea of Dreams was instrumental in finding, licensing and financially supporting enough private foster homes to care for 26 of Casa Josef’s children!

With all of our success in Romania, we still are in need of donations. Due to insufficient funds, in 2008, we lost 18 of our foster children to group homes and state foster care. We are doing our best to support our remaining 8 foster children and Casa Josef still supports 8 girls all of whom have been at the orphanage since 2002!



Sea of Dreams first operated in Haiti by supporting a Vision International Medical Mission to Port au Prince in the fall of 2010. By our second trip the need for an orphanage on the Island of La Gonave became clear. By partnering with Vision International Missions, we founded the Vision International Mission Orphanage in October of 2011. Thanks to an individual donor, we completed the first building in October. The Orphanage immediately received 34 children between the ages of three and twelve. We need to raise $800 a month to maintain care for these children. Now, we’re focused on licensing the orphanage—this is the first step towards adoption!

Sea of Dreams takes a holistic approach to well being. We focus upon each child’s physical, emotional and educational needs. Our ultimate goal is to find homes for all of our abandoned and orphaned children.

Since 2000 Sea of Dreams has been support entirely by donations from individuals and communities.

100% of all donations received go to the caring of these needy children

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