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A Well Is Completed for the Roma Village of Batar

Thanks to a donation of $2,000 dollars… At last report, the Village of
Batar has a well to now serve to 2,000 villagers.

Living in utmost poverty this village lacks available water and
sanitation. Malnutrition was evident and food could not be found in
any of the houses we visited.

Houses are barely held together, roofs have holes in them, and large
families sleep together sharing one bed or the earth floor.

Lice are epidemic and parasites are inevitable. With no medical or
dental care, many are sick and teeth are rotten and infected.

The heart ship that these families face daily is beyond description,
it is hard to imagine living through the winter under such harsh

My first introduction to this Roma village was two visits ago, June
2010. I traveled on my own and joined other American volunteers.
Felicia and her father joined the team but they also had a special
mission. They came to retrace her roots. Felicia was abandoned as an
infant in the village of Batar, eventually she was placed with a
foster family outside the village, removed and sent to a State
orphanage before eventually coming to live at Casa Iosif Orphanage.
Felicia lived at our orphanage until an American couple adopted her.

Felicia’s memories of her years prior to Casa Iosif are of neglect and
abuse but her determination and strength could be seen in her
personality as she retraced places and met people she once knew.

It was through this amazing day that the glaring needs of the Village
of Batar became apparent. Immediately following our visit, a medical
day was scheduled and the June team treated over a 150 patients.
Identified at that time was the concern of parasites and severe dental

The following year, June 2011, the Hollis Team returned and provided
parasite education and Dental Hygiene Education. Several classes were
given and over 500 toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss were
gratefully received.

This past Fall 2011, money was given to dig a well for the village,
next to a facility built in 2010 by volunteers from Germany. The
facilities include wash areas’, showers and flush toilets, as well as,
a small area for a medical clinic.

This June 2012, a medical team will return to the village of Batar to
continue on going health education and provide a one to two days of
medical care.

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