Change for Change

Now is the time to collect all those coins… from your pockets, the bottom of your purse, your car or the pile on your dresser… pick a container and collect for

Change for Change

Whether it is a mason jar or a wooden bowl filled with change, the above collection brought over $100.00 dollars for Haiti Trip this past September 2011

The Nashua Presbyterian Church has had a - Change for Change Jar for the past 3 years and has successfully donated over a $1,000.00 dollars for Romania.

Local stores in Hollis have put out - Change for Change Jars - this past year and raised over $100.00 dollars

Brookdale Farms-Dave’s Dry Cleaning-Hollis Pharmacy-Harvest Market

Give it a try and see what collects … mine is in my front hall slowly     filling up … every coin counts.

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