Our Girls are Giving Back

Our girls made us proud this year. They are growing up and beginning to understand the needs of others beside themselves. On one special evening early in the trip we explained that they would join us in helping other families in nearby villages.

As a group, they all went through their toys and stuffed animals, went back to their own rooms, and returned with more to give to others. Of our eight girls, two girls at a time joined us in bringing to the villages:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Blankets
  • School supplies
  • Toys

AND lots of JOY to so many………

Each of our girls brought home special memories of their new experience. They will join us again in June when we continue our outreach to local village families.

N.H. Team out reach to the Roma Village of Batar:

A relationship and commitment to the village of Batar has begun. After meeting with the Pastor, he welcomed us welcomed us to provide two prevention programs to some of the interested villager. We were very pleased by the turn out by a large turn out of all ages.

The team was able to teach proper dental hygiene and parasite education, which was well received.

The donations of toothbrushes/tooth paste/dental floss were distributed.

Of most important, was the successful fundraising effort to raise money for a well. A well is currently being dug to provide clean water for the village. The well will be connected to public showers, sinks and toilets, which were constructed by a Netherland’s team in 2009. The village will now have a central place to gather. The devastating poverty for this village was glaring. As we toured the village dozens huddled under one roof, no food could be found and lice was epidemic.

Little hope could be felt as we visited with the adults, many in need of urgent medical attention, however, the children were excited to have visitors and fun was enjoyed despite the surrounding conditions.

The cost of the well is $2,000 and donations are currently being accepted.

NH Team lived and shared meals together with the girls of Casa Iosef:

We played hard with the girls. Their English is improving with their weekly English Lessons via Skype with Andrea, Peter and Anna’s daughter in Chicago.

During an update with their teachers, the girls received glowing academic reports. We did need to have some discussions about classroom behavior!!! Most are doing their best; Delia is the fastest runner, Dora, who we cannot keep still, is first in her class in Math, and Sanda’s English is wonderful. They are healthy, happy, talkative energetic, and full with lots of hopes and dreams.

Staying in the orphanage was such a close time with the girls. We were all sad to part, but we reminisced and shared special memories before the girls went to bed that last special night.

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