Haiti Orphanage and Medical Trip

 October 21st to 28th

This Fall, a medical team of four will be serving in a small village high in the mountains on the Island of LaGonave, Haiti, just off the coast from Port au Prince.

The teams will provide two full medical days serving all ages, set up and stock the small clinic and assess 30 orphaned children who will be living in the first orphanage to serve this island.

Pastor Samuel, who has worked side by side with teams from V.I.M. since 1983 in Haiti and the Island of LaGonave, is currently overseeing the construction of a three room home and is building bunk beds for 30 children, who await food shelter and clothing. We do not yet have an update as to how far it is to access clean water or the availability of electricity, but the orphanage is next door to the Pastors home and next to the village school and church.

Our team will focus on setting up the orphanage to provide the best care for these youngsters, ages 3 to 12. We will work closely with the village elders to identify the children most in need and provide the first step towards adoption.

You can help us with a monetary donation toward financing:

  • Building a well for a clean and safe water supply
  • Building outhouses and personal wash areas
  • Fitting an indoor kitchen with ventilation for cooking over a coal-fired stove, kerosine lanterns, and all the utensils needed from pots to plates and forks! Also a clean-up area for kitchen use is needed.
  • Providing Livestock: Chickens for laying eggs and eating, a goat for milk
  • Fitting generators for needed electricity
  • Development of a vegetable garden
  • Hiring staff:  four child care workers, a cook, an on-call nurse, and a property caretaker

Donations can be with a check payable to:

V.I.M, in care of Jo Davidson
Federal Tax ID# 02-0506104

And mailed to:

Vision International Missions
400 Bedford St, suite 304
Manchester, NH 03101

OR By Clicking on the DONATE tab at the top of this page to pay by

PayPal or Credit Card

Much awaits this Falls team and so many needs are yet to be determined but each team member is psyched and right now are preparing to go! A December team will follow to continue coordination efforts and hand carry donations as we establish the first orphanage on the Island of LaGonave!

                            100% of every donation finds its way to the caring and sharing your generous heart.

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