Casa Iosef

The 8 girls of Casa Iosef will be just finishing another year of school when they will be joined by this years team from New Hampshire.  Fun and adventure is always had when Jo returns  yearly.

This year will be extra special as Jo will be joined by Alyssa Spry of Nashua, for Alyssa’s third time.  From Hollis Jo will be joined by Chris Lamond who will be returning for his second time. Ten years ago Chris traveled with Jo, as a Hollis/Brookline High School Senior to volunteer. Both Julie Fries and Erin O’Malley will be volunteering their nursing skills for their first time in Romania.

The team will play tirelessly with the girls of Casa Iosef Orphanage! They will be taking the girls out on outings, as well as, assisting the girls in joining the outreach effort to families in need.  During craft time, the girls will also make a handmade gift to give from them self to a family. We are continuing to emphasize the importance of doing for others to our girls.

The 2011 Team will provide several Medical Education days in the Village of Batar, population 2,000. It is one of the largest Roma Villages in this particular area of Romania. The  education will focus upon Dental Hygiene and the prevention of contracting worms.

The Coffee House or The Bridge, as it is called, will also be receiving a much-needed sprucing up by our 2011 Team. All proceeds from the Bridge go directly to the Orphanage.

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